SNIRD Projects
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  1. Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Programs
  2. Sustainable alternative livelihoods through promotion of gender equitable bio-village of the Tsunami Victims
  3. Empowerment of the Socially Excluded and marginalized Yenadhi Tribal Community of Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh
  4. Child Sponsorship Program
  5. Building Disaster Resilient in 10 Marine Fisher folk Villages of T.P.Gudur and Vidavalur Mandals, S.P.S.Nellore District, A.P
  6. Construction of Shelters for the tsunami victims of Singarayakonda and Kothapatnam Mandals of Prakasam District and Kavali Mandal of S.P.S.Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh
  7. Strengthening of Disaster Resilience in Coastal target communities in Andhra Pradesh
  8. Documentary Film Making
  9. Soil & Moisture Conservation & Social Forestry Program
  10. Sustainable livelihoods through improved agricultural practices
  11. Reproductive and Child Health Program
  12. Urban Health Center
  13. Child Labour Special School
  14. Watershed Development Program
  15. A.P. Community Based Tank Management
About us

  • SNIRD formed in 1987, is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. SNIRD is a non-profit voluntary organization.
  • SNIRD is registered under Income Tax exemption underv12A an d 80G, FCRA, and has PAN & TAN registration.

  • SNIRD is administered by an Executive Body comprising of professionals from development sector.
  • SNIRD is guided by gender, child, procurement, staff policies, etc,. 

  • SNIRD is having 54 field & administrative staff working  on a  full time  basis besides  part time staff

  • SNIRD is working for the development of  fisherfolk, tribal, dalith  and backward Communities: More focused on women and children, small and marginalized farmers .  

  • SNIRD is working in 73 fisher folk, 243 excluded communities (S.T.-Yenadhi tribes) and 98 other marginalized communities(inclusive of small  and marginilised farmers), totally 414 villages of Kanigiri, Podili, K.k.mitla, Lingasamudram,  Voletivaripalem, Ponnaluru, Chinaganjam, Kothapatnam, Ulavapadu, Donakonda, Podili, Chimakurthy of Prakasam District and Kavali, Indukuripet, Vidavalur,Butchi,Dagadarthi, Alluru,Bogolu,  Kovuru, Koodavaluru  and T.P.Gudur Mandals of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India and in the districts of Guntur and Vizag through  network  partners

Core Team of SNIRD

The Core Team

SNIRD has a core team of Seven, supported by 54 field associates & Professionals on a full time basis.

Department Key Activities No.of Staff

Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation, Guidance, Manpower Planning, Training, etc.

(Team :  07)


Office Management


Finance Financial control and Management


Programme Coordination

Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation, Guidance, Training’s, etc.


Research / Study / Documentation

Programme Planning, Monitoring, Data Collection, Publications, Documentation, Lobbying, etc


Thrift & Credit

Micro Credit Management


Community Organisation

Community Organisation, Disaster Management







Medical officers

Reproductive & Child Health Programme, Urban Health Centre



Watershed Development –Soil and Moisture Conservation Programme, Water  and Sanitation



HIV/AIDS, Trafficking


 Health Workers

Community Health Programme


Supportive Staff

All Programmes




Others Volunteers- Part time

     57+30 = 87

Post Graduates  : 14   M.B.B.S.    : 02   BSMH : 03     M.P.H.W.   :   02

Engineers             : 07 Graduates        : 06
SSC & Inter        : 15 Volunteers         : 13
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